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Electric power equipment industry: good differentiation raw materials price down

Time: 2015-05-13 17:15:44Copyfrom: Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Electric power equipment industry in August 1 - run analysis: the boom of 8 months before the power equipment industry still remain high. According to the wind, according to industry sales revenue reached 1.8 trillion yuan, up 25.5% from a year earlier, the total profit of 88.8 billion yuan, up 30.5% from a year earlier. Child industry boom differentiation has become increasingly apparent. Generating set manufacturing sector continued to fall, drop; The boom of power transmission and transformation, remain high, both production and marketing; Wire and cable sales revenue growth is fast and falling profits is obvious.


Raw material price highs. International iron and steel price index (CRU) at the end of August this year hit a record high after it all the way down, compared to current peak has fallen more than 10%. The price of copper, aluminum by weak demand, falling inventories, compared to current peak has fallen more than 30%. Oriented silicon steel prices continued to be strong this year, but we believe that with the continuous increase of production capacity and shrinking global demand, oriented silicon steel supply and demand in 2009 will be reversed, the price inflection point is likely to appear.

Maintain industry "recommended" rating.

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