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In 2009 Chinas inverter market highlighting

Time: 2015-05-14 16:06:17Copyfrom: Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Highlighting the inverter in China market Denmark's largest industrial company danfoss bought for $25 million zhejiang Henry electronic technology co., LTD., establish a zhejiang Henry electronic technology co., LTD. Danfoss it cause vibrations in the field of domestic inverter, the inverter field within attention again.


In the past two years, the inverter markets have achieved extraordinary growth, it is estimated that more than 40%, the size of the market broke through 5 billion yuan. Although this speeding growth hard to continue, but given that the market is far from satisfied and, especially the great potential of high voltage inverter in the market, the market in the next 5 ~ 10 years to keep more than 10%, is slightly higher than the GDP growth rate is still has the possibility is very large. So on, after 3 ~ 5 years, China's demand for the inverter will exceed 10 billion yuan. Frequency converter used at present in China is more energy-saving. In the late 1980 s to 90 s, the international brand began pouring into the Chinese mainland, mainly in Japan and Taiwan brand in our country, which laid the foundation of China market application of frequency converter. Recommended the original machinery and so on four ministries and commissions of the state in 1996 domestic 33 29 manufacturer specifications of the inverter, but due to the domestic manufacturer the restriction of the technology and key components and system reason has been a great development, still hasn't been formed and the situation of foreign brands to fight. In the 21st century, the inverter industry highly fission, many foreign brands in China, the original domestic brands continuous separation of personnel and funds, set up many manufacturing enterprises, mainly concentrated in the coastal such as guangdong, zhejiang, shandong, Shanghai, etc.

Inverter introduced to China in early 1990, after more than 10 years of promotion and use, low voltage frequency converter has been recognized by the majority of business users and brands are developed from a single foreign brands to more than 70. Japanese companies to enter China, the Chinese market carefully done in-depth investigation and research, targeted to launch products suitable for the situation of our country, is currently the highest market share, more than 60%; U.S. and European companies to come in late, but the product is high, the capacity is big, the price also expensive, share is about 30%; In less than a 10% share of the occupied by Taiwan products in China; Real brand market share in China is very low, and the product is low. High voltage frequency converter into focus in the inverter industry there is such a statement, who owns the advantage of high voltage frequency converter technology, who will be in the future of inverter industry and even the industrial control field. At the end of may, 2005, the leading company of domestic high voltage inverter in Beijing, improve the electrical technology co., LTD., announced that 300 sets of high voltage frequency conversion performance was born. At the same time, improve the since last year, the construction of the largest domestic high voltage inverter production base of the opening. The news is known as the major event in the field of high voltage frequency conversion. Although domestic and improve the brand effect in gradually formed, but compared with the Siemens, ABB and other well-known brands abroad, also there is a big gap. By the use of frequency converter of professional and technical personnel and management personnel of the interviews have to know, at present, China's leading brand high voltage inverter are Siemens, mitsubishi, ABB and low voltage frequency converter in our country is the brand such as Siemens, ABB, dominate the market. In recent years, due to the energy and the production process and so on various aspects requirements, high voltage frequency converter has become the only way for large enterprises energy conservation. In the market and long-term monopoly competition of foreign products, domestic high voltage inverter has a third of the market share. According to the state of the motor drive technology industrialization way and countermeasures research report revealed that 66% of the total electricity consumption in China on the motor. And China's current motor installed capacity has more than 400 million kilowatts, and accounted for about half of the high voltage machine, nearly 70% drag in high voltage motor load is fans, pumps, compressors, half of which is suitable for control of motor speed, which is about 75 million kw high voltage motor in the waste of state. From the general use of high voltage frequency conversion device, power saving of up to 30% on average, therefore, whether it is in the new project, or in technical renovation project, investment and the use of high voltage frequency conversion system, its energy saving effect is self-evident. With frequency conversion in the industry conservative forecasts that high voltage frequency conversion market stability after the annual average market capacity should be in 8 billion ~ 9 billion yuan. Failed to sell According to introducing, at present the mature technology of high voltage frequency converter for more energy-intensive enterprise of pumping station, fan and other equipment. Because in engineering design, pump station, fan and other equipment with 30% spare power generally, so in the operation of the deposit in the "big horse-drawn cart" phenomenon. Mount after the high voltage inverter, can according to fan actual flow, pump stations, reducing power, power saving 30% ~ 40%. This year, zhejiang JuHua co., LTD., install the first high voltage inverter in the related equipment, a large water pump power consumption to save as much as 44% of the electricity. According to the calculation of the company, so that they can save about 980000 KWH per year, calculated according to 0.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour, company can spend 490000 yuan less electricity in a year. The installation of a high voltage inverter, the company spent 1 million yuan, so as long as they can pay for two years. So JuHua company in June and energy saving in the company signed an agreement, plans to buy two sets of high voltage frequency converter. "Like JuHua has gradually many, the taste of the enterprise but overall installation of high voltage inverter, there are few companies." Energy-saving company has been committed to the promotion of high voltage inverter e-car engineer Charles zhang told reporters that is suitable for the installation of high voltage inverter enterprises actually many, there are at least 4000 more market space, but the acceptance of the market at present is still very low, enterprises have been using high voltage frequency converter for less than a few hundred units. Spot has not hit, what causes the enterprise and market the cold shoulder? E-car energy-saving engaged in the work of the technology promotion service company Du Xianguo admitted that the reasons for this situation, on the one hand, because of the high voltage inverter greater investment, each need millions of yuan. On the other hand is a lot of companies have doubts as to the reliability of high voltage inverter, worry about increasing influence on the reliability of the pump station, fan work after equipment. On energy experts think, want to let the energy conservation and truly become the "fifth energy", not to spend money to build power plants blindly, more should be spend money to research and promotion of energy-saving new technology, new equipment, let more enterprise from "passive energy saving" into "active" energy saving, more energy saving service need to government departments.

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